Dental Care

Your pet’s teeth are just as important as yours are to you. Developing a comprehensive pet dental plan that includes an at-home dental routine, annual exams, and professional cleanings as needed is an important part of your pet’s veterinary health.

Annual Dental Exam

During your pet’s routine wellness exam, the veterinarians at New England Animal Hospital will examine your pet’s teeth, gums, and oral cavity, checking for signs of tartar buildup. A buildup of tartar can lead to serious periodontal disease and infection. If needed, we may recommend a professional teeth cleaning, available by appointment in our state-of-the-art dental suite.

At-Home Dental Care

Developing an at-home dental regime is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure your pet’s teeth are healthy, and as a result, improve his or her overall health. Our staff is happy to assist in any way needed, including demonstrations, answering questions, or assisting your in selecting veterinary dental products that best meet your pet’s needs.

On-Site Dental Suite for Professional Teeth Cleaning

A professional dental cleaning allows your pet’s veterinarian to remove the tartar buildup from your pet’s teeth and gum line. Digital dental X-rays may be used to identify related conditions, such as abscessed, broken, and chipped teeth, allowing them to be resolved during this surgical procedure. Most of our patients are able to go home the same day, with a dental care package of a pet toothbrush, dental diet samples, and at-home care instructions.

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work

Anesthesia is required during professional dental cleanings. Pre-anesthetic blood work ensures your pet is healthy enough for the procedure as well as provides his or her veterinarian with useful information in customizing anesthesia and pain management protocols for your pet.