In-House Laboratory for Your Pet’s Diagnostic Needs

New England Animal Hospital is pleased to provide our patients with the ease and benefits of our in-house laboratory. When diagnostic procedures are needed for your family pet, you can rest easy having same-day results available in many cases.

Laboratory and diagnostic tests are an important component of your pet’s comprehensive veterinary health. Conducting these tests while your pet is healthy helps establish baseline values that can be used if your pet becomes ill. These values also assist veterinarians in tracking shifts in values over time, identifying questionable changes early on, before they lead to more serious medical conditions.

As your pet enters the senior years, or if he or she has a chronic condition requiring medication, diagnostic and laboratory testing will help ensure the liver, kidneys, and heart are functioning properly.

Equipped with the latest in diagnostic equipment, our in-house laboratory can provide immediate results for tests such as:

  • Blood chemistry panels
  • CBCs (complete blood counts)
  • Cytology
  • Fecal examinations
  • Skin analysis
  • Urinalysis

Parasite Control

During your pet’s routine wellness exam, his or her veterinarian will check for fleas and ticks as well as screen for heartworms and other internal parasites. New England Animal Hospital veterinarians strongly recommend that all pets be on a year-round parasite control regime—an easy, cost-effective way to keep your pets free from these pesky pests.

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work

Pre-anesthetic blood work ensures your pet is healthy enough for certain procedures as well as provides his or her veterinarian with useful information in customizing anesthesia and pain management protocols for your pet.