Helping to Keep Your Pet Active and Pain Free

Whether a result of an injury, chronic illness, after a surgical procedure, or simply due to age, no pet owner wants to see his or her four-legged family member in pain. At New England Animal Hospital, our staff is trained to observe your pet for any indication that he or she may be experiencing pain.

Pets are known for masking or hiding signs that they may be in pain or experiencing discomfort. As a pet owner, you may or may not be aware of subtle changes that could indicate something is wrong. Veterinary diagnostic testing plays an important role in your pets overall health. Tests administered during routine veterinary exams while your pet is healthy help your veterinarian track changes in your pet’s health that may indicate illness or pain. Pre-anesthetic blood work not only ensures your pet is healthy enough for surgery, but is also a vital component in developing individualized anesthesia and pain management protocols for your pet.

No two pets are the same, which is why developing an individualized pain management plan is important. For this reason we are pleased to provide our patients with a multi-modal method of pain management that can include:

  • Local anesthesia—Used for surgeries or instances when your pet needs added pain management. Pre-anesthetic blood work allows our veterinarians to customize an anesthesia protocol specifically for your pet.
  • Oral medications—Utilized to manage inflammation and pain. Our in-house pharmacy stocks many routinely prescribed medicines, and we can assist you with online ordering when needed.
  • Injectable sedatives and analgesics—Used for minor surgical procedures or to alleviate pain or stress in situations your pet may encounter. Such situations include, but are not limited to, radiographs (X-rays), post-surgical, or nervous, anxious, or fearful pets.