Comprehensive Surgical Care for Your Pet

A pet needing surgery can be a stressful time for any pet owner. Whether a routine elective procedure or an unplanned surgery due to illness or injury, our staff will work to keep your pet as comfortable and pain-free as possible. The skilled veterinarians and staff at New England Animal Hospital are equipped to perform many routine surgical procedures, as well as assist with competent referrals when necessary.

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work

Pre-anesthetic blood work ensures your pet is healthy enough for the procedure as well as provides his or her veterinarian with useful information in customizing anesthesia and pain management protocols for your pet.

There are many benefits to spaying (for female) and neutering (for male) pets. In addition to controlling the pet population and decreasing the number of abandoned pets, many behavioral issues can also be addressed.

A professional dental cleaning allows your pet’s veterinarian to remove the tartar buildup from your pet’s teeth and gum line. Digital dental X-rays may be used to identify related conditions, such as abscessed, broken, and chipped teeth, allowing them to be resolved during this surgical procedure. Most of our patients are able to go home the same day, with a dental care package of a pet toothbrush, dental diet samples, and at-home care instructions.